page5_img1 Heat Pump & Solar System Sales Support

We have adopted an industry unique “project management” approach with each project and each client. Our team of highly professional Project Managers will be totally responsible to satisfy the needs of each client from start to finish – whether a simple installation or a major project. We come to your home or site, give expert advice and issue a free quote.


page5_img2 Customised Heat Pump & Solar System Designs

We have learnt that each client’s project differs and hence requires a unique approach. Airvent has a dedicated design team who specialise in the design of complicated and customised Heat Pump & Solar System, and they work hand in hand with our Project Managers, Clients, Architects and building contractors. Client specifications and site flexibility are the key factors in this design process.

Expert installation

Professional and precise installation of any unit is crucial for your absolute satisfaction, total peace of mind and comfort. It also affects the performance of the unit and the warranty during the first few years. We make sure that our installations are done according to specification.

Installation reports and Accountability

  • All our installers have extensive product training, technical and academic, by either the manufacturer themselves or by our in house technical engineers.
  • New Installers have to do at least 5 installations under the guidance of a senior more experienced installer.
  • All our Heat Pump and Solar Water Heating Installations have to adhere to our 25 point checklist before they are accepted and signed off.
  • The online installation reports also include photos of the installation, in regards to standardised wiring and plumbing practices, whereby Electrical and Plumber Certificates of Conformity are needed for all installations.
  • These installation reports are crucial for us to keep quality control.

Project Management

Our team of highly professional Project Managers will be totally responsible to satisfy the needs of each client from start to finish.


Monthly Finance Options

Investing in a long term energy saving solution is one of the best decisions you can make but, the financial implication can often be overwhelming. We have developed a partnership with a Finance company who can offer great financial solutions.


Services and Warranties

To ensure that the warranty of your unit remains valid, regular servicing is required. It also prevents mechanical failure and extends the lifespan of the unit. Airvent has professional teams who only focus on minor and major servicing.



 Why do you need to service your heat pump & solar water heating system?

Efficiency and cost saving:
Without regular maintenance a heat pump & solar water heating system loose about 5% of it's original efficiency for each year of operation. The good news is that you can recover most of the lost efficiency through regular maintenance. Studies show that with regular servicing a unit will maintain up to 95% of it's original efficiency. This means that the cost of an annual service is recovered very quickly in saving on a monthly electric bill and reduced repair costs.


Once off servicing
We offer a professional service, which includes cleaning and testing of your heat pump & solar water heating system as specified by the manufacturer to ensure the efficient operation of your system.

Full servicing solution:
We offer a full servicing solution for your commercial and industrial air conditioning and ventilation system. This entails a custom made solution to ensure that your air conditioning and ventilation system performs at its maximum efficiency.

Service agreements:
We offer service agreements for new and existing heat pumps & solar water heating system. This agreement gives you the peace of mind that someone is looking after your unit/system on a regular basis ensuring optimum performance. Our service agreement offers a wide variety of options in respect of service intervals and payment options, for further details please contact our service department for a customised solution.