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Heat Pumps & Solar Water Heating System Specialists

Airvent is one of the market leaders in the design and supply of heat pumps and solar water heating systems. With years of experience in the heat pump and solar water heating industry, we have come to know and value exactly what our clients expect of a heat pump & solar water heating service provider.

Core focus of Airvent Heat Pumps

Airvent Heat Pumps can design water heating systems for anyone in any industry and we are committed to helping our clients achieve maximum savings, with the overall result of reducing carbon emissions being omitted into the atmosphere.

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Expert advice on all types Heat Pumps & Solar Water Heating Systems. FREE QUOTES ON REQUEST (even after hours).

In and out of warranty services to ensure that your heat pump & solar water heater performs optimally and efficiently. With qualified technicians on stand-by 24 hours,ready to respond to emergency calls.

Professional and precise Heat Pump & Solar Water Heating installation to your exact specification.